Poron® & Poron XRD®

We are official resellers of Poron® from Rogers corp., USA. Poron® is a shock-absorbing foam with long-lasting durability, which is also available with slow rebound.

Poron® Cushioning are materials for medical and orthopedic use, as well as for comfortable insoles and other shoe applications. It is available in several versions, thicknesses, densities and colors. We also have versions of Poron® laminated with special textiles.

Poron XRD®

XRD® is a shock-absorbing material which absorbs up to 90 % of impact force. The protective product is available in different shapes and densities. The material has open cells that “freeze” on impact and distribute the force over a larger area. It is thinner than competing materials and more flexible and compliant. The open cells efficiently transport away heat and moisture.

XRD®: “When you want protective equipment that does its job, without being in the way of yours”

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